Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Wreath DIYs

I really want to make a Christmas wreath for our front door this year, as there wasn't much festive decoration in our flat last year.. We had a tree with nothing on it! I'd like to do something a bit different though, so have been looking put for ideas. These are some of my favourites..


1. Christmas card wreath - tutorial
2. Paper doily wreath - tutorial

(These Paperchase pegs would be perfect for the first one..)

3. Ribbon bow wreath - tutorial

4. Scrap paper and button wreath - found here, mod podge, christmas wreath, christmas, wreath, chevron, thrift store

5. Photo frame wreath - tutorial

I'll definitely do a variation on the first one, as it is a nice way to display Christmas cards too (although I'll have to wait until I receive any first!) I think a button wreath would be a great idea too, in red and gold colours, and as I haven't managed to find any like that from a quick look I'll hopefully give it a try and perhaps have a tutorial on it!

...any other great DIY Christmas wreath ideas?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

1. Felt Christmas decorations for the tree, as it was bare last year
2. Christmas light switch-on in Manchester
3. Early Secret Santa makes..
4. ..and one of the gifts inside, from this awesome Etsy seller - Silk Purse Sows Ear

My friend Lowri has her own Etsy shop, with some lovely Gingerbread man Christmas stockings at the moment (much better than my attempt above!), check them out right here. She also makes quilts - I'm very jealous, I've always wanted to make one but never have the time!

Once again I'm far behind with my PostCircle-ing, but I'm working on some other felt decorations that may be in the post soon!