Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine's Gift Bag Tutorial

Happy Valentine's! Well, almost..

We don't really celebrate in a big way, but I do have a small gift to give, so I thought I'd make it a bit more personal by making a gift bag to give it in. There are LOADS of gift bag/box tutorials online, and mine here is pretty simple, so I've also included some of my favourites for something more fancy :)

First, find some pretty paper. Scrapbook paper or card would work well. I used some pretty hot air balloon pattern wrapping paper (he's a bit of a balloon fan) - luckily this paper is quite sturdy, this might be a bit trickier with thinner type wrapping paper though. 

Next, measure your gift onto the paper. Draw your pattern around this, so you get a larger size than your item. This is just a really simple template - 4 sides, slits along the bottom so you can glue it all together, and a tab at the side to join. I also folded over the top to make it look a bit more neat when it is together. 

This is what happens when you glue it all together... 

I pinched in the sides and punched a couple of holes at the top. After putting in the gift, tie a bow with string or ribbon.. and that's it! 

Well, I did say it was simple...

Here's my Valentine's offerings, with my gift being accompanied by a jar of treats - in this case LOTS of jellybeans. I hope he shares! 

And take a look at my DIY Fox Box tutorial for more gift-giving inspiration!

If these aren't your bag, here's a few of my favourite tutorials to give a go.

Awesome DIY gift box for Cookies and other treats - find the tutorial here

Recycled newspaper gift bags - find the tutorial here

the red thread patchwork origami box lids
A super colourful variety of the easy square origami boxes we have all made before - make it here

...Or how about these recycled cardboard pillow boxes? Perfect for small things - here


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Recent additions to my home..

This beauty of a vintage typewriter has joined my home, ready to be made use of for PostCircle and other correspondence. It was a gift from my Nan, who hunted one down for me after reading my blog (and got a bit of a bargain!). Still in absolutely perfect condition, it came in a rather lovely original tartan print case... original 1950s receipt still inside.

..As has THIS little beauty! (And helping me achieve one of my 25 goals..) Hello Pancake! My instagram will now probably only feature cat pictures for ever after. Cat-themed craft ideas, anyone?! (I'm already planning on making him a bow tie..)

Pancake training to be an acrobat..
..and a very rare sleepy moment!

I also got this Storyland Cross Stitch book recently, from What Delilah Did, which is really pretty, and not at all like most other cross stitch books I've seen, being much more modern and with cute patterns you'd be proud to put on the wall. I can't wait to make a few designs, starting with the frog prince (very Valentine's) and the unicorn. The book was also a bargain from The Book People, and has a little kit in it too!

My family and friends have all been treating me with all sorts of crafty little things recently, so I really have no excuse not to get making (except the essays, and the dissertation, and the tea selling...), although a crazy kitten who is determined to eat everything means crafting stuff has had to be hidden away for fear of things vanishing. I'm hoping to do some Valentine's DIYs before the big day.. any good ideas I should know about?