Monday, 28 January 2013

Welcome :)

After being inspired by lots of amazing crafty blogs out there, I decided to give it a go myself. As the description suggests, I intend it to be mostly about my creations, and the things that are inspiring me. These don't tend to be amazing works of art - but I'm learning along the way and having lots of fun!

This blog is named after my two favourite things. I love anything with a cute owl print, and that will probably show in my crafty creations a bit too often. I also love beautiful vintage teacups and look out for them wherever I go, hoping to add to my yet small collection. I suppose I like teacups more than I actually like tea, although after a year of working in a shop selling specialist teas, my appreciation has grown much more, and I reckon I'm a bit of an expert now!

Hopefully there are others out there who will share my passions and be patient with me as I join the blogging community..

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