Saturday, 30 March 2013

Unfinished projects part 2

A very short tour of my miniature antiques shop:

..Unfortunately the dust is a bit more authentic than was intended originally! I bought this one room dolls house shop about 5 years ago, papered and painted it, and began turning it into an old fashioned style sweet shop, full of shelves and jars of colourful goods. I quickly changed my mind and decided it would better suit being an antiques shop, and had much more fun choosing items to put in it. When I left home for university, this stayed behind, and I never seemed to have time to finish it off. Recently I've been admiring a brilliant miniature version of the Bronte parsonage, and thought about recreating my own (when I can afford it!) Of course, I really should finish what I started before I attempt something else. So I am planning to add some lighting, re-wallpaper the inside and do something with the floor (perhaps carpet), and add a lot more furniture, to give it that overflowing effect of all good antiques shops! I may also re-paper the outside and try to give it a more weathered effect on the brickwork and perhaps add some moss, and, of course, add a name. 

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  1. oooo..a bronte parsonage miniture sounds amazing! visiting the parsonage was a highlight of my trip to the uk last year!!

    good luck eith the antique shop, its vrry cute!

    happy easter