Tuesday, 12 August 2014

DIY Chalkboard Frame

For this project I used:

- A picture frame. I got mine from poundland - they actually have a really good range of decorative ones.
- A glue gun (or a bit of strong superglue will do fine).
- Black paint.
- A strong fridge magnet - I had a big ugly advertisement one on the fridge already, so used that.

It's so super simple it doesn't really need much of an explanation, but here goes...

I took the back off the frame and took out the glass... (is there a craft use for a spare piece of glass? Let me know if there is, I never like throwing things away if there might be a use for them)

Then I painted the wooden back of the frame with a couple of layers of black paint (I just used a cheap tester pot from Wilko)...

Pancake was keen to assist, as always...

After I put the wooden bit back into the frame, I got out my trusty glue gun (seriously, the best thing ever) and stuck my magnet on the back.

Ta-da! A chalkboard on your fridge, for shopping lists or cute notes. The DIY button magnets can be found right here too, if you're interested.

Simple and quick crafting is where it's at when I've got a 15,000 word dissertation due in, eeek!

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