Monday, 13 May 2013

Craft Inspiration - Paper Doilies

This week, I saw some super cute lace envelopes made from paper doilies, so, with PostCircle in mind, I headed out to buy some to see if I could recreate my own. I wasn't sure if you could even buy these anymore, but there they were, bargain cheap for only 40p for a pack full of all shapes and sizes. Then I got to thinking - there must be lots of things you can do with these, right?! A quick search later and these are just a little of what I found:


 Put them on the wall. This might look nice with different colours and shapes too. Doily Wall Art Tutorial link.

 Use them to decorate gifts, parcels and tags. Found here.


Use them as stencils, for decorating things. I really like the notebooks! Doily Stencilling Tutorial link.

paper doilie cupcake wrappers

Make your own cupcake wraps - I've seen these to buy in a lot of places, but this is a much cheaper alternative, and super simple! Cupcake Wrap tutorial link.


Doily light string. This is so pretty and would be great decoration for a party. As would..

.. this garland! One of these is going straight up over my bookshelf ;) Found here.

These cones would be lovely filled with sweet treats for gifts or wedding favours. Doily Cone tutorial link.

doily table runner 

Or, just go for the traditional method of using them as table decorations :) Found here.

And finally.. The envelopes which first inspired me..

My version:

I'd imagine if they were to be sent in the post, they would need some kind of paper lining, or they might not survive the trip! That would be a fairly easy addition though. 

What do you think of these ideas? 


  1. i loooove ur envelopes!and all the other ideas u found.paper doilies remind me of my nana, she used to give me a few when we visited and i would colour them in!such memories x

  2. Your version is so pretty, I might have to try this.