Friday, 3 January 2014

The Birthday Resolutions

On Saturday I'll be a whole quarter of a century old. While I've achieved quite a lot this year, I'd like to do even more in the next. So here's my list of 26 things to do before I'm 26:

1. Read more. In 2012 I read 28 books. In 2013 I read at least 30 up until August, then university got in the way and now books seem more like a chore than enjoyment.

2. De-clutter. Not EVERYTHING 'might be useful one day'.

3. Host a dinner party and make a fancy dinner (with no help from my boyfriend, the Kitchen Dictator).

4. Knit an actual, complete SOMETHING.

5. Buy more things for myself. We've been on a tight budget for a while and although there is less need now, I'm in the habit of not buying any kind of treats and saving 'just in case'.

6. Go on an impulsive last-minute trip. Barcelona or Madrid maybe?!

7. Get my MA degree. YAY! Preferably with a less embarrassing graduation photo this time.

8. Stop eating so many Jaffa Cakes. Eat more healthy fruit instead.

9. Do all the touristy things in Manchester before I move from the city.

10. Make some crafty friends. Maybe join a craft club.

11. Get a CAT. Turn cat into Youtube celebrity.

12. Make more things for our home. I'd like to start a patchwork quilt.

13. Paint more. 

14. Go rock climbing again. I used to enjoy being utterly terrified climbing pretend mountains, and miss that it was something my boyfriend and I could do together.

15. Go on a rollercoaster for the first time. Survive.

16. Learn to sew something I would actually be proud to wear. With no faulty bits.

17. Take at least one photo everyday. Use it as a way to remember all the good little things that happen.

18. Learn to stop falling over when people make me jump. Just stop.

19. Open an Etsy shop. Hoping to do this soon!

20. Invent something.

21. Work on a business plan (perhaps related to the above?!), leave current job and be a successful business woman (or at least try..)

22. Move to an exciting NEW CITY. Destination currently unknown.

23. Make time to do some volunteer work for a charity.

24. Build something in miniature. Maybe a miniature 1920's cinema? Dolls houses are for grown ups too :)

25. Have a first ever BIRTHDAY PARTY. This one might have to wait till 26 now though!

26. Have more FUN and get stressed less.  

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