Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lucky Dip Club Box - Tutti Frutti

So today my first Lucky Dip Club box arrived! I didn't think it would come over the weekend so I was surprised to find it waiting for me on my way to work this afternoon. I took it with me to open at work, I was too excited to wait till I got back home. Here's what I found inside.. (If you haven't received yours yet and want it to be a surprise, look away now!)

It was lovely to find a little handwritten note inside from Leona, who puts together the boxes. I was very impressed with all the little personal touches included. The goodies included an 'A-OK' apple coaster and a bright cherry keyring, as well as a watermelon postcard...

 ...a vintage apple patch to add to a shirt, super cute post-it notes, an 'Enjoy Today' badge and my favourite - a personalised pineapple necklace! As I'm off on my holidays next week I'll be wearing this <3

This is my first Lucky Dip Club box and I was really impressed with it. I had previously subscribed to Crafty Creatives boxes, but when it stopped including lots of little things in favour of one large craft kit, plus increased in price, I couldn't really justify accumulating stuff I'd never use. This box satisfies my want of lots of little cute bits and pieces and is well thought out and a lovely surprise through the door - who doesn't like happy mail days?!

Described as 'personalised packages filled with surprises', and including vintage and handmade items, it costs £15 (but no extra postage charge, yay!), and you can get next month's box here from the 1st of July - The theme will be Pet Parade, sounds perfect for me!

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